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  1. Hey People,

    I run a little network and i'm searching for a new vps because the one at contabo is rlly slow and some other problems are there. I saw ovsus.com and it looked good but is it good? any people used it?

    This are the servers i want to run on it
    HCF probably 20/40 players
    Kingdom probably 20/60 players (probably not at the same time as HCF)
  2. I had a VPS at ovsus.com as well they're good in performance etc. But I heard some flaws when it comes to support/ownership.
    Though servers are good, always good TPS and internet connection.

    I would prefer these hosts more:

    - OVH
    - Anvilnode
    - Contabo (mehh a bit, depends on what server you get)
    - serverbuilds.nl
    - omgserv
    - MCProhosting
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  3. I'm pretty sure that shock byte purchased ovsus though?
  4. No. Shockbytes uses OVH and so ovsus does it too
  5. But I was in a discord any some people said that they got an email that shock byte had purchased the company and all there servers were being moved over so I'm not to sure lol.
  6. Well when I hosted my server at ovsus I had alot of contact with the owner (We spoke the same language). And I'm pretty sure he said that he has own hardware collocated at Datacenters I believe.
  7. I highly recommend you OVH is very good prices 4 the best quality!
  8. Do not use OVSUS under any circumstances. The owner has been banned from MC-Market for scamming and ban evading. They have also been pretending to be a client here on SpigotMC. Very shady stuff.
    There's a number of threads showing that the owner has been committing fraud, hacking his clients and snooping through his client's private files: http://www.mc-market.org/threads/220630/

    I would suggest Vultr for VPS.

    Another lie coming from him, he rents them from MyLoc.
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  9. Ohh well there goes my trust in them then....
  10. Thank you all so much! I will look into all your recommendations!