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  1. Hi guys,

    In this moment I have a dedicated server on SYS (So You Start) and I pay arround 50€. This Hosting give me a "good" protection anti-ddos. I am looking the hosting hetzner that cost arround 10 less than SYS with better Hardware, but with less antiddos. Anyone know how work or if work goods Buyvm, VShield or any external page for get a anti-ddos protection cheap. Another thing that i think is... get a VPS on OVH for 8€ and get a bungecoord and protect both. Someone know that if Hetzner is good?

    The idea is pay the same that i have now but with better hardware if is posibile, if not... i stay on SYS.




    Thank anyway,
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  2. Would suggest ReliableSite, if you contact them they may (they used to and have done multiple times for me) price match an SYS/OVH configuration. Since switching to them about a year ago, have not had any downtime due to a DDoS attack (Despite multiple attempts, have had previous issues with SYS regarding hardware/ddos attacks). Their network is also great.
  3. But what if your playerbase is in the EU? You're getting a high ping though. With Hetzner you don't. I would use a cheapo ovh vps and run bungee off it
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  4. Get a BuyVM KVM slice in Luxembourg and GRE tunnel to your Hetzner server

    There's a promotion currently where they're doing unlimited traffic
  5. Thank you for reminding me about gre tunneling between eu/us etc. I need to take another look at this;
  6. In the web page give this info:

  7. So i need buy both "BuyVM KVM slice in Luxembourg and GRE tunnel to your Hetzner server" that is so much cost... ? If i buy this i get better anti-ddos than So You Start ? I ask on BuyVm and tell me that i need to buy a VPS in his hosting to get this anti-ddos and create a network. But... if i need a buy a VPS why don't on OVH that have supposedly better anti-ddos and create this network ?
  8. Update with URL the post if something want see the web pages that i said.
  9. You're always able to configure a GRE tunnel on a buyvm kvm slice or a OVH SSD VPS however, there are several downsides of having a GRE tunnel.
  10. But ... currently in So You Start I only have anti-ddos, I do not really know what protection they use. If I switch to Hetzner and contract Vshield.pro or BuyVm + Hetzner's own anti-ddos defense would be enough or better than the one I currently have in So You Start. I mean, I really do not care if it's better or worse, I do not want fans who get angry with the server throw it at the minimum.
  11. If ovh is working for you stay there
  12. If you can get something for the same price but with better features why don't get it?
    I just ask if it's worth it and be able to improve my server.
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    Tunning your server traffic through various countries for no good reason isn't better. Avoid tunneling, you're with a host that has good DDoS protection and never null routes IPs for attacks, not to mention attacks typically don't affect Minecraft servers anyways on most large protected providers since it's TCP.
  14. On a side note for myself, I'm considering buying a Hetzner server, and since they don't have the greatest protection, getting a VPS in Luxembourg that has great protection, and tunneling through that to the Hetzner server. It's about 250km from Luxembourg to Frankfurt, that should be okay for tunneling, right?
  15. Latency would be a issue if it's darn high... I'd recommend to test the latency between Luxembourg and Hetzner since all that traffic has to go through multiple internet exchanges and peers in order to get there. As for Hetzner servers their traffic is usually routed through frankfurt (DE-IX) and then to the backbone of the datacenter.

    Please note that each route can differ because of how your ISP is connected to the different peers
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