Spigot VTL ~ VillagerTradeLimiter [1.14 - 1.18.1] 1.5.1

~ Fix those pesky OP villager discounts! ~

  1. I'm working on it! When does this occur? Are you right-clicking on a custom villager?

    Also, please feel free to join my discord, so we can fix this together faster
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  3. I found a serious problem with your plugin. The food (bread, carrots) that the villagers receive in their inventory is duped. The villagers begin to endlessly spread it among themselves. Players take advantage of this and create themselves "bread farms" on the villagers.
  4. Thank you for the report! I'll fix this in version 1.1.8 when I find the problem.
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  5. This issue has now been solved. Please download version 1.1.8 as soon as possible!
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  6. Hi there! Thanx for replying, i would love if you could add an option to disable trades (or villagers at all) in specific worlds.
  7. Sorry for the late reply! It's been a busy week.
  8. I would love to add that option for you! Config would look like this?

    Code (Text):
      - world
      - world_nether
      - world_the_end
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  9. exactly! thanx you very much, this would help a lot in my server!
  10. It might be a few weeks, as I'm slammed with work right now, but I'll knock this out ASAP!
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  11. You should add an option to disable one specific book from appearing in villager trades.
  12. Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I'll work on it when I can!
  13. Suggestion: Option to remove/disable specific item from villager trades