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  1. Good morning, or night for you Americans :p

    Is Vultr any good for a minecraft setup? Paying hourly seems like a good option for me. Since I only spend 2-4 hours a day on my server, plus I have a good internet speed, so uploading the server is not a problem. The end price for 8gb, 2-3 hours a day for a month would cost $8-$11. Is this a good idea? All so don't really want to go for OVH.

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. I has good experience with them. You can get extra mileages with their monthly coupons as well (usually $20-$50 sign up bonus).

    Although they are costly for constant large operations they are ideal as you said you won't be using them all of the time.

    Two things to be aware of though
    • They compute bandwidth overage hourly so take that into account before destroying the instance.
    • This is not a major one but just be aware that the charges are rounded to the nearest cent on EACH instance. I wished they would just round off the bill at the end of the month but.. it not a huge deal.
  3. JamesJ


    Vultr provides a virtual machine.
    What you get is a mini-machine, that can be used for anything (web server, SMTP server, databases, etc). It's not specifically a Minecraft server.

    Just because you spend 2-4 hours a day on your server, doesn't mean you'll be billed for 2-4 hours a day.
    You will be billed for all the hours that your server is using Vultr's resources.
    This means, even if your server is stopped, you will still be charged. Until your server has been destroyed (all resources deleted) from their network, you will still be billed.
  4. I'm familiar with VPS already, so that's not a problem. I also put in my post I have good internet since I don't mind re-uploading and downloading the server every time or just making snapshot of the whole server.
    What do you mean by, "They compute bandwidth overage hourly so take that into account before destroying the instance.".
  5. It a bit annoying and I wished they would also do it differently but it is what it is.

    Here how it's works..

    Says your bandwidth limit for the instance is 1TB (1,000GB). According to Vultr a billing cycle is 672 hours (28 days) meaning you have to DIVIDE the instance limit to know how much bandwidth you can use in an hour.

    For every 1TB you will be able to use ~1.48GB in an hour without incurring an overage on the instance. Otherwise if you use more than that per 1TB then they will assess an overage charge on the account ($0.02-$0.10/GB depending on location of the instance).

    The up side though they won't care about the LOWER usage, so most likely you will just have to watch the Outbound usage when you downloading your more progressed server.

    I hope this explanation help you understand their "weird" bandwidth billing.