Waiting for premium.

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  1. Hello im posting my first premium plugin.
    And im waiting to post it for 3 hourse.
    What does this mean.
    And how much i need to wait for it.
  2. You need to wait as long as it takes. I think the image you posted is pretty self explanatory, and it means your resource hasn't been approved.
  3. This means that the resource you have submitted is currently under testing. This process can vary on how many other plugins there is to review.
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  4. does that process is for updates?
    (sorry f bad eng)
  5. They check the plugin to make sure nothing illegal, bad or whatever else is in there. They also test that it works before releasing it.
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  6. Oh....
    i have anti badwords and i have 10000 badwords.
    Will that make a problem?
  7. clip


    No just be patient. Its the weekend and people have lives. they will approve it when they get time to check it. My last premium resource took a few days. Yours might take just as long.
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