Bungee - Spigot WalkHologram 1.0

This would make a Hologram wherever you walk!

  1. If this works good if i were you i would make the plugin like 1 or $2 :)
  2. Could you provide some screenshots, please?
  3. I get alot of lag and the holograms aren't being removed by itself...
  4. Put some screenshots of what is happening and i will have a look ;)
  5. P.S I'm a developer.
  6. I am really sorry i forgot to say. The only way at the Minute to remove the Holograms is to Reload. And the permission node is: holocreate.

    I will update the Resource and let everyone know. Thanks.

    And DevBukkit, i dont find it Necessary to get paid for such a small plugin. And i really like to have all my plugins Free as well. Thanks for the idea!
  7. Please set a delay or timer on when the hologram automaticly disappears, please.
  8. I am not a really Experienced bukkit Developer, So i am not Completely sure how i make the Loop. But i could make a command that remove them all
  9. I mean, instead of removing them all, make them fade out after, let's say, 5 seconds since they spawned?
  10. But as i said. i do not know how i make those loops. That is the problem. But for sure i will learn how to do so. And could i may know the ip of your server?
  11. Why do you wanna have the IP of my server...
  12. I like to check out servers
  13. I will message you the IP in a bit.