Want a test server for people to test out your plugins?

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  1. Well, i'm setting up a test server, under the domain of testplug.in and i'll be putting my plugins on this server, where people can test out some of my plugins! If you're a developer, and you would like a test server to use for your own, please contact me. (No skripts), and i'll add your plugin to the server, and you can allow spigot users to test your plugins!

    Keep in mind; no ftp would be shared with other developers, so there would be no spreading of resources, so your plugins will not leave the server. If you post an update; just send me the jar on skype, and i'll upload it to the server! The idea of this, is to get your users to test out the plugin you've made.

    [If this is not allowed, you may delete this post, its just an idea! :)]
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  2. im not a developer but if i hire a developer who does not own a server to test there plugins i would definitely like to do this so i can make sure there no scammers or other types of bad devs out there.... Server Version and Is the Ip testplug.in?
  3. Yes, the ip is testplug.in. im still setting it up. The server is currently offline, For some reason my pc wont let me connect via ftp.. to any ftp server (i have multiple on multiple hosts) and its bothering me. hahah I'll let you know!

    And yes, anyone can test plugins they've made / or gotten for private development. All jars / resources will stay on that server, and will go nowhere.

    Server version is 1.8, but people can connect on 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10
  4. Could create a system to host small (~256MB) servers on a sub-domain of that. Say Chandler wants to create a test server, so they setup one on chandler.testpug.in. Then Ross wants one, so he does something similar. So on, and so on. They'll expire after a couple of hours. It'd be a neat little service; I may do this actually. Sounds like a fun little project.
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  5. Lets work together on this? :D Seeing as I have the domain and all that xD
  6. hmmm
  7. localhost or gtfo.
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  8. Care to explain why local testing would be so incredibly dominate? I was thinking this service would include a push-to-deploy system as well.
  9. Localhost is good for testing on your own.. but what if someone wants to look at your plugin before purchasing?
  10. Buy a $3 VPS or port forward. Look, your idea is nice but it won't work. I don't want to upload my resource to a server controlled by you nor let a server controlled by you host my resource. If you're going to do this, do it for your own resources. Make a big arcade out of your own neat resources and let others come check it out, like what clip does.

    (by you) I mean anyone other than myself.
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  11. From this I just gather you don't want to. That's your own prerogative. My plan was for wherever your server be located be secured to the upmost of our abilities with strict adherence to policies to guard your privacy. I see your distrust, but hey that's your own issue; I'm sure many people share this distrust, and I myself am not one to let my privacy be taken by others. Protecting your data would be a top concern. Not much I can really do to sway you, but this will work for many people. It won't just plain 'not work' as you put it.