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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by runefist, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Heya peeps,

    Basically I have some AWESOME plugins, I've created them all by myself and I think a lot of people want em.
    Problem is...
    I have not published any plugin yet but I want to put em all for sale, is there any way I can still sell them without having to post 2 of them for free?!

    PS is it allowed to just put 2 random plugins that basically do simple things like put a player on a horse?

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  2. And how the FUCK are people asking 16$ for a plugin like EggWars, I wanted to ask 10$ for a plugin that is EggWars, SkyWars and HungerGames combined!
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    There would be no way to bypass the 2 free resource and 50 posts requirement. I suggest you make helpful but simple plugins to post for your 2 free and then you can sell the ones you are asking.
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  4. Not gonna happen...
  5. Free plugins don't need to be approved. Just put 2 free plugins, they don't need to be giant, they don't need to be small. Things like a bow which explodes is fine. A command to show all chat colors. Just do simple plugins in the beginning...

    Haha agreed. Most of the time it is garbage anyway :p
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    As this is true i dont agree i feel you should do a bit more them just a command for color codes but like he said that works.
  7. No one is going to take it out. Little things like that are really useful actually... I have seen plenty of servers with a /color command which is simple but very useful. There is no limit on what you make, just don't put absolute garbage on here with giant errors like 100 copy and pastes of " " for chat clear.
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    Haha yea that would be bad, i personally have never needed it but if there is a use then go for it. Not like i made and difficult to make plugins yet :D