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Minecraft PVP Arenas (TDM, CTF, and more!)

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    War - Minecraft PVP Arenas (TDM, CTF, and more!)

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  3. Welcome to spigot and thank you so much for keeping this plugin alive.
  4. We are curently porting the plugin to sponge. This also mean there is a complete rewrite of the plugin and War 2.0. When we will be close of a public stable release, we will start working on the bukkit/spigot version too. There is a lot of new features planned and of course, we will use the new Minecraft features for this 2.0 version.
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  5. In the version out now how can i setup multiple arenas
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    Their tutorial video and wiki explain this concisely. No need to bother a dev.
  7. Excuse me im entitled to ask any question i want to whom i want, i am 100% aware of the tutorials and the guide, as i am having trouble to find out how to setup multiples arena, also all the tut have single arena setup. No need to bother me with your useless response!
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    Hmm. Well, still no need to bother the devs. I'll answer your question with a screenshot from the tutorial I told you to read:

    Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.57.14 AM.png

    That's how you create multiple warzones. Simply use /setzone <zone-name>. To edit a specific warzone's settings, most of the commands have a <zone-name> argument. I think that's pretty self-explanatory.
  9. Actually mister no it all that is not how you setup more then one arena maybe you should go and scim trough it some more before you come trying to diss some one, and try to help someone out from the beginning... There is more steps you need to take before using that command to setup multiple arenas
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    No need to start bashing me sir.

    I have created multiple warzones, I do know what I'm talking about. If you know the steps to take, why are you asking then?
  11. Because of people like you That would rater look good in writing form then to try to help some one out... it can go a pretty long way

    So i decided use all commands until things made sense, you cant create 2 arena with out having an warhub
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    You can, actually. But I'm glad you got it working.
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  13. In lieu of a Warhub, you can create multiple zones using /setzone and then move the warzone lobbies to a centralized location with the command /setzonelobby. I plan on working to make the documentation of the plugin better and easier to find things in the next update. Maybe a help command that links to a website with videos? It will be more informative than the current in-game system hopefully. The team has been making progress on a rewrite for future release.
  14. @cmastudios, I have a suggestion for this wonderful War plugin.
    Please add a GUI to select classes. It would make it super easy because the way it is set atm makes it really hard to select a class at the start of the game or on respawn if you have lots of classes.
  15. Hey cm... Dice furniture added real flags to thier plugin, how hard would it be to add them to ctf for war?
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  16. Great Plugin!
    1. Where do I find the Permission nodes listed?
    2. Will there be a release für MC 1.9?
    thanks ^^
  17. Of course there will be a release for Minecraft 1.9 and there is no official page I guess for permisions. But there is some websites you can find on google.
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  18. works on our 1.9 test server with no issues from what I can see :)