warp with a twist...

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  1. I am looking for a GUI plugin that let me set up warps i know that chestcommands can do this but i need it so that let say i have 10 warps ifg the player only has access to 3 of them the 3 thay have access to is green and the rest are red here what i would like it to look like this pic.

    That kind of waht i would like to to look like

    Green= I have access the permission
    Red= No Permission No access!!!
    this would have to look at essentials warps perm...
    if any one has any ideas I would love to know!!!!
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  2. anyone at all know any thag thay may do this???
  3. You are looking for a free plugin/spoon fed code, which no one will give you
  4. I can help you, PM and I can configure something for you.