"was kicked for floating too long!" on 1.12 server with 1.8 clients

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  1. I've been having this issue where players playing on 1.8 client (server is 1.12 using viaversion, viabackwards and viarewind) are getting kicked for "Flying is not enabled on this server".

    There doesn't seem to be any consistency, it seems to be random. Players on 1.8 will also appear to be frozen for others while they are moving on their screen and they can't open chests, doors ect. and they have to relog to fix it.

    I know the easy solution to this would be to disable flight in server.properties but I want to find out whats causing it so I can fix it. Thanks
  2. looks like a problem of stopping synchronizing their location, which makes players seem to be flying, I only have noticed this happening due to using rideables

    just recommend them to use 1.12.2 instead if they don't like the problems
  3. I tried, but I was suprised to find out how many people still play on 1.8 and it's annoying to explain to people why they keep getting kicked for flying when they complain. I do have an anti-cheat so I could enable flight in server.properties but I believe the issue where 1.8 players are frozen server-side and for others but not for them is also related to this issue.
  4. you should make it more obvious I guess, what I did is I made that 1.8 players cannot gain money, only newer version players can, and every time where they would normally gain money, it says something like: "You did not receive anything, because you are playing on 1.8 version, switch to 1.12.2 to experience the full features of the server"

    this way you still gain interest of 1.8 players and be more likely to convince them to switch their version than making your server completely unjoinable by them.

    having it setup this way, I rarely see a 1.8 player (with exception of newbies)
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  5. I suggest making your server either a higher or lower version, instead of using both ViaVersion and ViaBackwards. ViaVersion is much more stable in terms of that.
  6. And most competitive / regular mc players that pvp will be using 1.8
  7. Other than that I suggest making an announcement or something suggesting to not use 1.8