Water walking hack

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  1. I'm looking for a plugin that can stop waterwalking hacks (using client wolfram)
    NCP+ fails at this.
  2. NCP is the best one out if you see people can do it report it on the NCP page and they will fix it.
  3. It's already reported, http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/nocheatplus/tickets/766-public-jesus-bypass/ but apparently that hack is not op enough to reach high priority, I don't see how tho considering it's very OP in water fights, hacker wins water fights with no problems. At first I thought there was a plugin that already blocks this so ncp+ didn't bother to block it too, however after searching for it for a while, I found nothing.
  4. NCP has massive flaws. The Jesus bypass is extremely easy to fix and not resource intensive at all. Same with the damage bypass, but it looks like the developers comepletely fail to fix both for a very long time.
    @vanjavk I've been coding my own NoCheat for a very long time now, which includes a fix to all Jesus hacks. You can contact me if you're willing to test an alpha version of it!
    If you're not interested, I can also give you a simple fix for the Jesus hack, without the rest.
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