Spigot WaterDamage v 1.0.7

Easy Setup! Very Useful!

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    WaterDamage - Easy Setup! Very Useful!

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  2. Add WorldGuard regions ?
  3. Good Idea i will look how to do.
  4. Can I use multiple worlds?
  5. good plugin! can you add a setting where mobs get damage from water also?

  6. hi! Would it be possible to update it?
  7. Hey,
    what should be updated? New feature?

    And which feature should be added?

    Best regards
    Jannis from Waterdamage
  8. Please update to 1.14.3.
  9. Add 1.12 compatibility it does not seem to work :)
  10. Hey,
    can you send me the error? :unsure: