Way to get people on the server for free?

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  1. Hello. Yes, that issue was raised many times, but I want to make another thread if you permitting me.
    So we (team of 3 people) made as I think decent job on the server. What we have now, as I'm assuming advantages:
    - Absolute protection against griefing
    - No factions, pvp is optional (however I'm mostly assuming it as no-pvp server, option to enable it for yourself is like just for fun and for people who wants that)
    - Everyone getting a lot of claim blocks. A lot bigger then on all servers that I ever seen. 1000 columns on join, +500 per hour (column = 1x1 terrain 256 height).
    - We also have a lot of arenas. Skyblock, hungergames (not very big), team deathmatch, TDM with guns, spleef, bow arena, also so abstract as TNTrun, arrowthrow and grenade freeforall.
    - Also some advantages, like backpack, free death-protected storage, tree assist, and some RPG elements, - classes, which gives you advantages in some things, and you can evolve and level up.
    - Surely referral system, rewards for invited friends.

    So what I'm asking, is this (its not really full list of what we have) like enough to be bit different from anothers, or I just made typical server? Maybe I should add/change something?

    Regardless of this, my goal is like to have 15-30 people playing on the server. I'm not targeting like 50-100, server is new, only existing about month, and maximum online on peak hours is about 10 (overall average is 3-4). And I can not put money to advertising, as I don't have much money. And paid advertising is usually have almost no effect as far as I know.

    Actually right now I'm working on another server, which will be dedicated minigame (can't be put at same server as world because too much changes), and I'm working on support plugins and map. That could take like couple weeks, even month I think. But before I will launch it, I'd like to have some people playing on survival server too. Any advices here? Maybe you can give some resources where I should post server, as I don't really know and for some reason can't really find.

  2. If you are desparate, Planetminecraft. You will get a burst, but don't expect them to stay, and be weary of advertisers.
  3. Do NOT put your server on PMC, last night after a bump a player joined who turned out to be the creator of the Unfair Client (a client that is used for DDoSing servers and players home Internet with a click of a button) and started telling me I needed "protection" (needless to say a condom joke was made) and he was then kicked. He rejoined and told me he knew my full name (not hard to guess based on my in game name) and told me he knew much more, I asked if he knew my Facebook, he said no, so I told him it and said that he should friend me. The server immediately was attacked with a 45mbps DDoS. After 5 minutes of that it stopped and then he DDoSed my home Internet for 20 minutes. I reported him to his ISP this morning.

    Long story short, never post on planet minecraft, it's just asking for trouble.
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  4. >45mbps
    >Minecraft client

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  5. It sends a request to a Botnet to start the attack, it doesn't do the attack itself
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  6. >45mbps

    I could write packets manually at a faster speed than that.
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  7. joehot200


    "he DDoSed my home Internet for 20 minutes". You dont use a vpn? o.o

    Anyway, back on topic: I find PMC a good place of advertising, as well as mineshafter, and i also advertise on MinecraftServerLand, though it gets me barely any players.

  8. There were no way for him to tell what your IP was, derp -_-
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  9. Well, whatever happen, it wasn't good and it originated from that player. As for this thread, let us get back on topic.
    I have found that http://minecraft-server-list.com/ is a great place to list your server. Almost all of my legitimate players who have stayed long term found us on that site, it also is the first site that pops up when you search for a server list with almost any wording on google.
  10. If he found his skype...
  11. joehot200


    Still surprises me people dont use a VPN. If one of my two routers is down, i always use a VPN.
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  12. ....

    A VPN will not fix your router being down....

    Joe, please. Learn how the internet works before you go spreading false information.
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  13. PhanaticD


    the arenas and minigames only work if you have enough people to play them, start basic and once you get about 30-40 people on start adding in minigames

  14. No...there is no disagree...what you are saying is factually incorrect, regardless of anyone's opinions.
  15. joehot200


    A VPN hides your real IP and hence means they do not have the actual IP of your router, you can then just turn the VPN off if it comes under DDoS.

    If i am wrong, then please explain why i am wrong. Random conflicts will get us nowhere.

    How do people get others' ip from skype? It seems a bit of a weakness of skype that anyone can just 'get your ip' if they find your name.
  16. Kid, you're fucking high.
    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Skype resolver
  17. vemacs


    How do you access the VPN, if you're being DoSed? Checkmate, christians.

    Also, http://thginkkcalb.com/sk.php
  18. I know what a vpn is -.- i belive its not direct√ły skype but that connections between skype clients goes directly between them and not over a server if im bot wrong. And somehow you can manage to get their ips
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  19. PhanaticD


    what he is saying, is if your router is borked a VPN will do nothing, since your router is broken. I think what you attempted to say what that you use a VPN pre-emptively, which is a good defense yes as you can easily switch your IP
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  20. joehot200


    Sure. Lets have an argument and get us banned. I am sure that will help us to no end. Well done. *claps*.

    This is going nowhere. If you wish to argue, you may do so in a PM. I am fed up of your unhelpful comments, no matter how correct or incorrect they are, they are unhelpful.
    Not once i have i really seen you effectively attempt to help people in this forum, and not once have i seen you actually told me how i am wrong/incorrect nicely, and why my theories would/could not work. "You are wrong, learn how the internet works".
    Fine, how about i go around saying to every help post "Hey, you dont know it, and im not going to tell you because you're fucking high". Help anyone? No. So why do you behave like it?
    I attempt to help people every day on this forum, while you sit back on your arse and tell me every little thing i have got wrong, even though many other comments i have made i have got right. You then start insulting me about it with little/no help.
    If you wish to spend your time on this forum, do so helpfully and constructively. This forum is to help server owners, and not insult them.
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