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  1. Hey there,
    so basically I play on this server called Endless Horizons.

    It's a survival server, but has recently launched a Hunger Games server, but is lacking the players required to make it an enjoyable experience. About a year ago we launched a HG server, it was really popular (by our standards anyway), filling up to around 70/100 peak. That server somehow managed to die out due to a mix up in the server payments and someone taking the IP temporarily.

    Anyhow, we're back but struggling to get players. We're doing alright on our survival server, managing around 25+ players each night, whereas Hg is literally 0/50 players for most of the day. Last time we advertised on minestatus and that would have possibly been one of the reasons it became more popular.
    Hopefully we'll try that again, but I really want this server to be as successful as possible.

    So, here are some suggestions why we are not attracting enough players:
    -Possibly bad spawn
    -No starting playerbase (there's noone to play with apart from new people who will hopefully join)
    -We don't look very welcoming
    -Not many people are interested in HG
    -We don't have the best HG maps
    -Players lag too much
    -The IP is too confusing (we're using a dns one, but running off the same machine as our survival server so have to have the port at the end)

    I feel we have all the tools to be successful, but something is obviously going wrong.
    If anyone has any feedback from visiting the server, or if they just have any advice, anything is welcome, so please reply.

    Our Banner (for HG):

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  2. Use Bungeecord o_O ?
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  3. This is not a place to advertise servers, this thread will probably be closed soon :p
  4. I'm not trying to advertise, just trying to get some advice and help
  5. What's that?
  6. In fairness, they are not really advertising the server - I'm sure they realise this is an Admin environment.

    Their question is a good valid one in my opinion. It's the "holy grail" of what we, as admins/server owners are trying to achieve.

    The domain is obviously a potential hindrance. I would certainly get that sorted.
    As for the banner, it looks a little old in my opinion. Make something much cleaner & brighter.
    Create a thread about Hunger Games and have people post in it every few hours.
    Get the present Non HG members to vote for the server banner in the normal places.

    Just a few from me. I've not been on the server as I'm at work, but I'll try to have a look later tonight.

  7. Thanks for the advice and support firstly.

    I'll look into who we are hosted with and see whether it's possible to get another IP.

    Am I able to create a thread on this website to advertise?

    Sounds great, see you then.
  8. You don't need another IP, use BungeeCord
  9. Can someone explain how BungeeCord works? Is it a plugin, an alternative to Bukkit, what is it?
    Also, am I able to do this
    on these forums?
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    Don't you dare think about doing that on these forums.
    He means other forums where players actually visit, not this site where 99% are server owners.

    Opening HG on it's own without a backbone of players is impossible considering every other server has HG/SG.
    Only time you can probably get away with opening a minigame server on its own is if you have a unique game nobody else has.

    For now you need some sort of player base that want to stay longer than 2-3 games.
    Some type of survival/creative server to start up and keep players online then spread to the games.
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  11. Apologies...I should have been clearer. When I was talking about "posting threads" I was indeed refering to the likes of MCF or PMC :)

    Other than that, Chris makes fair points.
  12. joehot200


    Let your players do the advertising, i have forgotten this in the past few months, in janruary i had about 130-150 online, now i am lucky to get 80, dropping down eveo to about 40 at times.
    Get your players to shout out for your server, dont do it all yourself! :)
  13. ShallowTurtle - You can use an SRV record for your DNS. Minecraft supports them now.
  14. We did it before, around this time last year we opened up a HG server, did all the PMC and MCF advertising on threads, and somehow managed to grab 60 players. To be honest, not being a predominant player on the server at the time, only a minor member of staff, I'm unsure quite how we managed to do so, and being a year on from then it'll be even harder to replicate our success.

    And unfortunately, the type of player you mentioned I've found is the hardest type to find :L

    Please can you expand on that.
  15. ShallowTurtle - You can google "SRV minecraft" or "setting up SRV record minecraft" or just "set up an SRV record" etc. etc.
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    Advertising is not allowed on the spigot forums unless given explicit permissions. Advertisement content has been removed.
  17. I think we have already done that, our IP for hunger games used to be xxx.x.xxx.xxx:25570 (x = numbers) and then we changed the dns so it was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk:25570 (x = letters). Is that what you were suggesting?

    Anyone else have any potentially helpful tips?

    nhadobas I apologise, no advertising intended.
  18. Unless I'm mistaken, you should be able to do what I've done.
    change the "All Host Record" file.

    You should be able to set it up as follows:

    [sub domain] [url to mask/ip+port] [a-record] [1800]

    This will give you an ip of: xxx.xxxxxxx.co.uk

    I've done this with my Dynmap, so I know it works :)

  19. How about you actually go and google what obscurehero told you to and see for yourself o_O ?
    http://wiki.multiplay.co.uk/Minecraft/Hostnames etc.

    And also no, what you've done has got nothing to do with SRV records.
  20. P3ZZL3 I'll see what I can do.

    freakdk I did, although with absolutely no prior knowledge I didn't really understand what I was looking for. Ah okay. I'll ask another member of staff who will hopefully know what he's doing.