WE: //paste only pastes under half of the structure using schematics file

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  1. Hello,

    A long time ago a Minecraft builder built me a professional spawn for 50 bucks. Recently I reopened the server but due to a security issue my spawn was destroyed by a hacker. For some reason all my backups are corrupted, and the builder doesn't seem to respond to any messages I sent him. I searched for the spawnbot.schematics file the builder gave me and put it in my plugins/worldedit/schematics folder. I used //paste and everything went fine, however, it only pasted the under part of the spawn. The upper part wasn't copied. Any way I can fix this? How could this be caused?

    All help is appreciated!
  2. Your Server might have crashed. Does the console output any errors?
    Try loading the schematic locally or on a schematic viewer online.
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  3. I used MCFlash and it turned out is was the fault of the schematics file. Weird.
  4. Then the builder had sent you a corrupted schematic.
  5. Which is odd because he used that schematics file to paste the spawn :I