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Banned list and History List

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    Web AdvancedBan - Banned list and History List

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  2. Exactly what I am looking for but doesn't quite work - unknown host upload_2018-6-11_21-33-28.png
  3. ERRO: 2002 Connection Error
    how to solve this
  4. Class\Config.php
    Code (Text):

    const DB_HOST    = "localhost";
    const DB_NAME    = "advancedban";
    const DB_USER    = "root";
    const DB_PASS    = "root";
    const DB_PORT    = "3306";
    Did you put everything right?
    There is probably something wrong.
  5. Muito bom, já falei isso no Tópico da Gamer's Board :D
  6. Obrigado pelo feedback.
  7. upload_2021-8-17_21-52-9.png Some peoples Icons get enlarged like this, I did an iplooup and it only happens to people who have logged into the server with multiple IP's