Web Web Bridge 1.1

Creates a Webserver to run your Homepage on. No Webspace needed

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    Web Bridge - Creates a Webserver to run your Homepage on. No Webspace needed

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  2. Good plugin! Working fine :)
  3. Errr I don't think this belongs in Web? I think it belongs in Bukkit...
  4. How I do commands in chat?
  5. There are no commands for this plugin.
  6. How I can see the website in minecraft? I didn't understand how to launch it...
  7. You dont see a website in minecraft. This plugin will launch a real website that you can view in your browser. Write in the addressbar localhost: PORT_FROM_CONFIG
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  8. Oh i'm so sorry, I didn't understand.
  9. Can u add pic or demo site?
  10. Just try it yourself. Its completely free and easy to use.

    It is just a normal html page without php
  11. Im in mobile dude :)
  12. how do you test it?
  13. because i dont have the map web
  14. To test it simply drop it on your testserver and go into the config, change the port and then go to your webbrowser and type in localhost:YOURPORT
  15. it doesn't work i can't connect
  16. Does this run on buggecord too?
  17. No it does not.
  18. May I ask can you add buggecord support so I can run my website on my buggecord server and I know you're working on your permission plugin "That I bought"
  19. Where can I change port? There is no config file...??