Web Development or Java Programming

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  1. I haven't wrote plugins in a while now and been focusing on web development for a year. Im getting bored of web development.
  2. I would do iOS or Android development :p
  3. I'm actually learning Android development over the summer. It's based on Java, so it shouldn't be too hard for me.
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  4. Java programming can still = web development.

    If you do end up doing some web development using java, i HIGHLY recommend using the Play framework.

    And android development is defiantly a fun path. The API/framework they provide makes deploying an application an oversimplified process. You can build a GUI in a matter of minutes.
  5. 4chan


    iOS is a nightmare.
    I know Objective-C and some Swift.
  6. I think web dev. easy... I choose JS, HTML, CSS
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  7. Code (Text):
    enun Operations {
        . UnaryOperation(Double -> Double)
        .BinaryOperator((Double, Double) -> Doble)

    public click(labelName: String) {
        if let operation = operations[labelName] {
            answer = opertion(lastClickedNumber);

    let operations: Dictionary<String, Operation> = {
        "sin": . UnaryOperation(let function) sin(function);
    Thag is not true. Swift is one of the best programming languages out there. It is so modern and takes positive bits from every programming language and puts it into one. iOS development is really great also. Using swift, it is so powerful and easy to make a calculator for example. I made one in around 59 lines with over 12 operations including sin, cos, etc. You can see a tiny example above. Enums can take functions as parameters, you can use $0 and $1 to represent arguments and swift will infer everything. No semi colons. Multiple return values (turples). Optionals are very easy to use and helpful. Switch are very powerful and you can switch strings. There is just so much more you can do in swift compared to Java.

    I mean Objective C I did not like at all so either that is making you not realize how good swift is. Or because you are one of those Android lovers and are being ignorant to the fact about ios.

    Either way I would like to keep this thread on topic.

    So am I :D. I have heard first Android development book and a ios 9 swift course made by stanford on iTunes u
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