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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by DiscoverSquishy, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. DiscoverSquishy


    I had an idea to have a section probably under or in the spigot help parent form is to have “Web Development Help” where web devs could ask questions and ask for ways for whatever. It’d be good to have a specific child form or similar :)
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  2. I think that is a generally good idea but:
    Spigot is supposed to be more like bukkit, the help section should in my opinion be related to spigot issues. Web development issues can be debugged on engine, stackoverflow or any website that aims to do those kinds of things. But I still think its a good idea :D
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  3. There is a programming section. Wouldn't that do?
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  4. DiscoverSquishy


    I just feel like a specific child form for web development specifically would be better.
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  5. Yeah, however programing would still sort of relate to the spigot API and therfore I think it would have a link with spigot. However, I think that a web development would not be directly related. I don't know, perhaps if you sold it as a "spigot web development" thing which would discuss linking websites with plugins and stuff as such (like buycraft) then perhaps it would be a great idea.
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