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Easy-to-edit Minecraft server website template

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    [Web] Front - A Bootstrap Template

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  2. ooh, its free now, nice~ finally being resurrected from its "InactiveResource"
  3. EliteDuck


  4. I likely won't be doing any updates to the template.
  5. Will there be a forum page soon?
  6. You need a separate software for the forums.
  7. Oh ok.
  8. Can you make Register/Login to mysql, i want to make a website register for whitelist in the server :)
  9. You'd have to create your own software for that.
  10. Do you have the theme for the Vanilla forums still?
  11. I don't, unfortunately.
  12. Aww ok, is it possible that you could remake the theme?
  13. Probably decided too after I Pm'd him asking for a free copy on Feb 22, 2015. :p
  14. Sir can you make video tutorial i can't understand how do i setup this
  15. Are we allowed to remove your copyrights?
  16. There should be information in the Readme concerning this.
  17. Yea I realize this. Thanks!