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  1. Glad this was finally created. Make it's so much easier to find related items in one place.
  2. Great! I like it
  3. Yeah. That's nice :D
  4. PawPawDude

    PawPawDude Previously gmalone

    Bravo! Glad to see the ongoing progression and evolution of SpigotMC.
  5. Thanks for making this! have much to share! :D
  6. :)
    Very Interesting good job
  7. J0U


    Sounds good ! Will try it soon ;)
  8. Why so many good jobs? This wasnt hard to implement, xd
  9. J0U


    Yea, but it was a good thing, that he has implemented. So nobody has to visit the outdated bukkit page
  10. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    All web languages are allowed. The ones listed are suggestions and examples.
  11. Good idea :)
    Thank you
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  12. Thank you! You are a hero!
  13. Cool! Very interesting and is gonna be great
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