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  1. Can I make a plugin call out to a web server for information is this allowed?
  2. I woudnt see a reason why that woudnt be allowed.
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  3. The plugin has to work without internet connection.
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  4. DavidDevelops


    Yes it does but on the other hand if it isn't required then its fine
    Yes its allowed but the plugin has to be able to run without it too,
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  5. That is only for premium resources.
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  6. DavidDevelops


    Still goes without saying following premium guidelines isn't bad, anyway what servers don't have internet connections o,o?
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  7. Choco


    If your resource is not premium, you have no reason to abide by the premium resource guidelines. Such that SpigotMC's rules are being followed, there won't be an issue. As for why we have this rule in place, it's not because a server does not have an internet connection, more so that buyers won't get completely screwed over should the premium plugin's authentication server (or whatever is required) was disabled or cannot be reached. As an example, a resource that needs to connect to a web server to check whether the resource was leaked or not. If said service is unavailable due to the negligence of the author, even innocent users are having the plugin they paid for rendered completely useless.

    TL;DR: Does not apply for free resources, yes you are permitted to connect to the internet.
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  8. Strahan


    Ones in private, locked down networks.. though granted, that's a very miniscule amount most likely. We had several Minecraft servers at work back when MC was in its heyday. They were only allowed to contact Mojang servers for auth, they had no internet access beyond that.
  9. I think its named sql data base
  10. I was thinking outside the box here something new like linked inventory across different servers. Put something in the custom inventory it uploads to the database. Then if a another server has the plugin installed too you can get your custom inventory pull your items out on a different server.
    I don't know if this would be useful or not?
  11. I'm pretty sure it's fine because plugins like DynMap and Website host
    work, I don't know what people are talking about to do with premium plugins for though.
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  12. If that's what your going for.