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Discussion in 'Programming' started by Zeryther, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. Zeryther


    There are many websites that help you view a player's name history and when exactly they changed their name. But mojang does not offer an API to find a users skin history, nor could I find any website that offers such a tool.

    For two months now I have been working on such a website: https://mcskinhistory.com

    How does it work?
    Just enter a player's username and you'll find all skins the website has stored for that player (works with UUIDs).

    I do not see all of my skins
    As said previously, there is no official API to retrieve such a skin history. The website constantly checks for new skins with the players it has in it's database. Once a specific player is in the database, their skin history is being recorded.

    Does it only record skins?
    No. Currently the website is checking for Minecraft skins, official Minecraft capes and Optifine capes.

    Why did you make this?
    I've been playing with the idea to create such a website for nearly a year now. Friends of mine kept asking me whether I had a specific skin of theirs saved somewhere. That gave me the idea to create MCSkinHistory. It has been released since April 25th 2016.

    Things I'm currently working on
    • Popular skins/capes page
    • Getting site more stable
    • Having skin/cape updates more frequently
    I'd love to hear some feedback.
    Have fun! :)
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  2. Looks very useful! :)
  3. Cool, but doesn't namemc have this already?
  4. Zeryther


    NameMC seemed to have added this function to their website shortly after I did. Plus, I offer a history for optifine capes. NameMC doesn't :)
  5. Zeryther



    Still looking for feedback :)
  6. Looks good nice work ^^
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