Web [Web] UI.X Bootstrap 5.1

UI.X-Style base for created with Bootstrap

  1. RiotShielder submitted a new resource:

    UI.X Bootstrap - UI.X HTML/CSS theme for Bootstrap

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  2. We meet again Jerred Shepherd :cool: anyways I will try your resource.
  3. Where would the XML file be?
  4. XML?
  5. How would I import the theme into Xenforo?
  6. You don't this is more of an import from XenForo to Bootstrap. If you want this theme on xenForo, google UI.X Audentio Design or something :p.
  7. I use that style, but not to install these files. Could you please explain
  8. @RiotShielder
  9. It's an html template.
  10. but how do I install it ? when I upload folder . thanks
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    UI.X 5

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  12. Screenshot of current update
  13. Can you share the ui.x edit of yours from xenforo because i really like it and i want to use it :D
  14. I'm not sure if it's possible to easily share it.
  15. how to install this?
  16. It's a template, there's not much to do with it until you modify it.