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  1. I started to work on my first site using bootstrap (trying to move away from enjin) It seems to be going ok but then I noticed once I already had part of the site made that I would need to be able to have players sign up on the site and I am unsure on how to do this if anyone can give me a link to something to help out or if you guys could maybe give me a push in the right direction.

    Site if your wondering,

    Thanks for any help and if someone knows how to set it up to be able to sign up in game that would be amazing!

    I only started to even attempt at a website last night.
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    If you need help, I can offer paid support.

    EDIT: I have a vague idea how the login/sign up would work, but am not 100% on it. If you need help with any other parts, I can certainly help.
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  3. Ok thanks. How much would it cost around? To fully set up account logins and be able to sign up ingame with an email.
  4. Nvm i found out how to set it up.
  5. Are you going with some PHP authentication system with MySQL db?
  6. yes its already done. just need to make a registration page or some how allow you to do /register (password) in game and have it add you to the mysql db.
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    I can definitely create the register page for you. Depends on how long it takes for me, but I am cheap.
  8. I will try to figure it out my self. I would rather know whats going on in my site then not.
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    That's fine. Let me know when you need help though. Only thing I can not do is in game, plugin stuff. Also note that you were asking me for help and prices on support, and now do not want it, do not waste my time.
  10. I didn't mean to waste your time. I just ended up figuring it out and once I did I noticed it wouldn't take that long to do.
  11. Then you say:

    Don't get shirty now that he says he can do it himself :p
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    LukeHandle he said this after that. Learn to read. My comment was warranted.
  13. You're welcome to have that opinion, but we seem to disagree. Either way, let's not now continue the pointless disagreement :)

    Al3xPro If you are new to PHP etc. Make sure you are aware of the dangers of SQL-Injection etc. and the importance of escaping any user input. There are many guides/tutorials about how you can avoid risks etc.
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  14. I figured it out after I made the initial post.
  15. PDO being the connector? Still need a database for the backend...
  16. Yeah. The database is pretty easy, as you probably found out :D