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Discussion in 'Programming' started by avighnash, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone! I was looking at @inventivetalent and I kept wondering why her website looked so majestic (to me), and I got motivated to make something like that too, so I ask this simple question. What are the best languages to learn for website developing? Such as creating XenForo plugins etc.
    Also, what language was used in creating the themes in the spigot forums?


    i still luv u kotlin <3
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  2. Gotta use CSS, HTML, and Java it all depends on where you want to focus really cause each one does a little different to the site, I'm no web developer but I have learned by myself a little bit of stuff so I'd say just experiment and find tutorials or get advice from experts or people that atleast know something.
  3. If you are reallying looking to go into website development. This is the only and best place to get the best education for learning!

    Real expirence from non profits. Hours of learning. Your own pace. A whole coricumlium setup for you. It's really amazing
  4. Thanks! :) but my question is what website developing languages should i learn.
  5. HTML CSS. FreeCodeGame That uses easy and makes you go up to hard. You follow that you won't need this question because it will teach you everything you need to know instead of just one specific language. I notice websites are not very language depdenent here like Spigot and plugins. So you use like CSS and HTML hand in hand. That program teaches you what you need to know to use everything and put it all together instead of just teaching a specific language. Because just a specific language limits you in web design. Websites even use Python... That goes over everything you need to know.

    It is basically a full course to 100% learn to make websites. You take it you will learn everything you need to know. All the website languages you need to know everything.

    I would recommend that then just learning a specific language :p

    (And I think spigot forum themes are in CSS which freecodecamp teaches asell)
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  6. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RESPOINDING WITH THAT WEBSITE! I am having so much fun and developers are helping me out so kindly! Thank you thank you!
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  7. I just cannot say how thankful I am that you posted that website on this thread, it is simply amazing.
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  8. 4chan


    for a website
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  9. MiniDigger


    at my company, every site is made using java. and we are a large german insurance company with 6k employees (300 java devs)
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  10. What website? Also I'd recommend PHP and CSS for styling. PHP can interpret HTML and is also a language that supports database management
  12. 4chan


    Something about Java and web development makes me feel sick.
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  13. Node.JS is different from Java, trying to do your site backend in pure Java is just foolish, and I'm not even sure it's possible since it isn't a scripting language.

    Most forum/blog software uses PHP, but if you want to create your own things you could try something like Django or Ruby on Rails.
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  14. People who say the use java to make websites
    you use javascript to make certain parts of the website.
  15. 4chan


    It's definitely possible to make a website's entire backend in Java, though I find it disgusting for whatever reason. You don't need scripting languages to make a website. Look at C#/ASP.NET for example. I use C# for websites and that's a fully developed, OOP, programming language.

    Fun fact: used to be called J#, based on Java's concepts :D
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  16. Java & Javascript are completely different things. They were talking about the backend (such as SQL and etc).
  17. I'm aware of that..
    That's why I said
  18. Oh sorry, I read it in a way that seemed like you thought Java & Javascript were the same.
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  19. sorry for necroposting just a little question
    my company which means company you owned or where you belong ?
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