Bungee - Proxy Website Host [No More Support] 2.0

Host a website from your spigot server.

  1. hobblyhobo submitted a new resource:

    Website Host - Host a website from your spigot server.

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  2. I do not know if this will work on a hosting service because it requires you to open a port.
  3. I'm sorry but I can't seem to understand what this is
  4. I edited the description to be more, well, descriptive.
  5. It might just be my coding - but it your web host doesn't appear to support images. When I get to the file through localhost:25569, the page loads up but the images on the page don't. Any help?
  6. To any future users of this plugin. This plugin is no longer going to be managed but the plugin should still work.
  7. Could you please update this to 1.12? I NEED IT FOR MY SERVER!
  8. Could you please update to 1.12.2 ? It is an awesome plugin and it is sad that it is limited only by the version
  9. Plugin is updates. Images probably do not work still unless linked to externally. I will see if I can make an image request handler but for now everything should be working as it did previously.
  10. It gives an empty page?