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  1. I'm looking for a cheap host for a XenForo forum with the capacity for approximately 200 - 400 online forum members with good speeds for cheap prices. I was looking at OVH Classic earlier. What do you recommend?
  2. OVH sucks for running a website. (imo)
  3. For around 400 members online I recommend an ovh vps cloud
  4. x_L


    Get a dedicated server, I think an E5 is good for stuff like that
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  6. DigitalOcean maybe? They're pretty easy to use and I personally think they're great. Let me know if DigitalOcean is a horrible host and I'm horribly misinformed :)
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  7. i can make , pm me
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  8. i can make it for really littel money. add me on skype kroken_gutten
  9. x_L


    Go with a RamNode VPS or such.
  10. I personally like DigitalOcean better because it's control panel is more intuitive and clean, but RamNode is also a great option!
  11. Op is asking for hosting not website developing. To continue on please us better grammar. I understand if your main language isn't English but please try your best to make yourself look a bit more professional.

    /back to topic/
    I recommend OVH cloud or RamNode to start out. (Minimum of 4gb of ram is my recommendation)
  12. im from norwegian sry :(
    i get 2 in english in school :( ;(
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    That's a lot of members....

    You could get one of the high-volume plans on DigitalOcean.
  14. It's fine. Not everyone is good at everything so it is understandable :)
  15. Wait, why are you recommending RamNode if you're partnered with BlazeServers?
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  16. BuyVM, easy 100% worth it hands down.
    *They say unmanaged, but they're managed.. ;)
  17. It may be because of the price as OP may have somewhat of a budget and blaze servers are kind of pricey last time I checked.
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