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  1. Hey guys!

    Have trouble with my Spigot plugin. I want try to make a plugin that will open custom GUI and there will be a button "Click to open" and the player must click it to open my website. BUT! I know in Minecraft when I try to open a website link game will open a window with agreeing "Agree for open the website"

    Question: Can I cancel agreeing? Or It's an only a client-side thing? Or Can I keep open GUI when agreeing window is open?
  2. I believe agreeing is client side.
  3. Pretty sure it's what falsecode said, it's a safety feature from mojang's side to try to protect people from blatantly clicking scam links without a second thought.
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  4. Iwitrag


    Not possible without mod or custom client.
  5. Okay. I understand this now. But! Can I just reopen back my custom GUI after agreeing window? Because Minecraft don't see this window as other GUI ....
  6. No, you cannot because it is strictly client-side. The server has no way of knowing if/when a Player opens a link.
  7. maybe the client sends a packet to the server on close this window?
  8. I meant not when Player opens a link. When agreeing window is open my custom GUI going to be close, and I want after linking reopen back my custom GUI.
  9. This is not possible. This is client-side chat thing. Can't be implemented into the GUI, only to the Book/Chat.
  10. The entire interaction is client-side you cannot do that, not unless you make a custom client or a mod, and then force that client/mod to be used on your server (which probably isn't worth it).
  11. I think you can replace messages that have links with custom messages which are identical, except the link will have a click event which runs a command to open your GUI. If this doesn't work (the client side menu still appears) you can replace the text of the link to [LINK] (or similar) and display the address in the hover event.

    Edit: Nevermind. There's no way for you to open a link for the player from inside the GUI (as others said).
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