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  1. Hello,

    Me and my friend were working on a project in case the internet goes down. The concept is that you can download the entire internet or just a specific country.

    Warning: It's a troll website
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  2. I know it's just a joke, but I mean if you somehow had access to every encrypted web server in the world (or country), a shit ton of storage, and NASA level internet speed, this could most likely be possible. I'm 99% sure that there's some weird government division in charge of performing internet backups in case the world gets blown up or some shit.
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    It's funny because if the internet went down, so would your site.
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  4. Thats why you download the internet now incase it happens someday ;)
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    "Download the entire internet"
    I doubt it.
  6. I heard 74% of the internet is porn anyway.
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  7. Please visit the website before posting these comments, you will see soon enough that it's just a joke.
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    Or create a spoiler on the thread. I don't know about you, but I don't randomly click links left by members of this forum.
  9. I like how my country never shows up in any sort of map xD
  10. Aw sucks man xD - What country are you from?
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  11. I'm from Mauritius, a really small Island to the right of Madagascar