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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by GaIaxy, May 6, 2017.

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    I have a few questions about my website

    1. What theme do you prefer?
    a. Zyphior
    b. Zyphior Dark

    2. How's the security?
    - Please attempt to gain access to the forums. I want to make sure that it's secure.

    3. Discord chat on Xenforo
    - I'm unsure if this is possible. I'm wanting to chat to the Discord channel from the forums, and vice versa. Unsure if it's possible via an addon, or Discord API.

    4. Changes?
    - Anything you'd change or add?

  2. GaIaxy


    Willing to give $5.00 PP to someone that's giving good suggestions/edits.
  3. 1. Personal preference. I mean personally I like dark webpages, but some other people hate them.

    2. It's Xenforo, so unless you totally messed up the installation, it should be fine. Individual sub-forum/node permissions is a different story, but as a logged out user, looks fine to me.

    3. I can't think of any existing addons out there that do that, however it's been a few months since I looked at Discord addon selection. You should check out the Resource section of the Xenforo Forums.

    4. Your "Store" link in the header navigation can't be found.
  4. 1. I prefer "Zyphor" or "Zyphor Light" or whatever you call it. It looks nice and is colorful which will attract a crowd and make players stay and/or sign up for the forums. I have actually and one of the reasons I did is because of how nice it looked. :p On the other hand, Zyphor Dark is too square, dark, and blue and it looks weird on your background.

    2. I'm not experienced in this so I can't provide any feedback on this.

    3. Do you mean in an IRC type of thing like Spigot? You could probably due this but I think doing Discord -> Server and vise versa is the best. You could probably expand in the future to your forums but that seems a little bit advanced to dip right into.

    4. I would change the favicon and the number next to the Discord icon at top makes it look like Discord alerts which is really annoying. I would just remove the number totally.

    I would also fix your store button as when I click on it to go to the store, it says unknown buycraft page. :p

    Also, you should add some more discussion sub forums. Right now there is only factions and general so... :p

    Otherwise I like your site! :)
  5. 1. What theme do you prefer?
    Zyphior because I like the lighter style better. Dark depends on the mood you want to set

    2. How's the security?
    - Please attempt to gain access to the forums. I want to make sure that it's secure. N/A. I'll try later, but as long as you have a good security protocol and 2fa, you should be fine.

    3. Discord chat on Xenforo
    - Currently you can only add a widget that shows who's online, I know the developers are working on a live feed, but it would likely be resource heavy.

    4. Changes?
    - There's too much scrolling on the main page, I would limit the posts a little bit, or make your main page about you, and change your current main page to the news page.
  6. 1. Usually I prefer dark themes, but the light one appears to be designed better, and looks more natural/professional.
    2. I'm not knowledgeable in this area, anything I could do wouldn't be of much help. Sorry.
    3. I believe that you can only have a widget showing who's online/your voice channels, which you already have. There is an addon for XenForo to link your discord account to your website account, this syncs roles and allows you to post updates to channels on the server, which might be what you're looking for. EDIT: It appears you already have something like this.
    4. I dislike that the home page has "Join our Discord Server!" as the title on the tab. Makes it seem like your page is entirely about your discord server.
    The number next to the Discord nav link makes it seem like I have 5 notifications, I think players will find that confusing.
    Store link isn't working, but that was said already.

    That's about it, looks pretty nice. Very "XenForo-y." A lot of sites look like yours, but it's not bad.
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    That's an error that I am seeking to fix. For some reason it currently shows up.