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  1. Hi again, being annoying... :)

    Ok, so looking around and I've noticed a couple of the bigger networks use a very similar website format/structure. The latest one I looked at is:

    Now, I've seen a post where they claim this is a unique site, but I know of a few very similar ones.

    any idea what they use?

  2. joehot200


  3. Ahhhh, that's the one :)

    Yeah, fairly easy to manipulate....certainly should be a walk in the park for you Joe. But then....Coding and Design are very different..much like the Creative Builder types and the hardcore PVP'ers :D
  4. The design is bootstrap and they run several ruby on rails applications, such as "forem" and "devise". If you require more information, I made a post about it once somewhere on this forum. :)
  5. While it may look similar, it is very different to most mc sites code wise, and IMO the best out there
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  6. So how come you are using XenForo Michael? Or at least, the server you are advertising does...

    I had a look at it, and looks very good, obviously the same as Spigot here, however, not in the position to pay $140 for a years license right now.
  7. Pretty sure use the default bootstrap. They obviously use php and javascripts
    Wonder how they make that page...
  8. I was playing around with Bootstrap last night. Damn, it's been a while since I used any form of CSS that quite frankly, I' got lost in it I was only trying to expand the header are to 200 px

    I'm not at the point where it'll be almost as easy to just write a very similar, static one.
  9. I believe it was already answered as using Ruby.