Weird bug with worldedit

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by sushiw097, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. i just posted help here because its been several days that i have a problem with worldedit or worldguard. the pistons do not work and there is a small effect above when I try to activate it with any objects. lever, pressure plate, etc.
    I wanted if the other redstone objects had this problem but it was only with the pistons.
    I made a video of this bug here:

    please answer me if you have the solution.
  2. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Pistons are either disabled in that region (e.g. via a piston or build flag on deny) or you are trying to push over a region border. Both will not work. In the first case just remove the flag/set it to allow, for the second you are going to have to change the size of/remove the region.
  3. I created a new region and in it I only put pvp deny and allow pistons. but its still not working
  4. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Remove all flags from the global region that have anything to do with build (e.g. block place and breaking, pistons need both iirc)