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Crash weird chunk/entity related crash?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by nodigit, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Not sure what is causing this crash but it has been happening for a while now. Every couple of hours the server will crash and auto restart and it's always the same error. I was using Spigot build #522 so I downgraded to recommended build #485 and it's still crashing.

    Spigot crash report

    Minecraft crash report

    console log from ABOVE the crash report
  2. I removed the world that supposedly had a corrupted chunk but now I'm getting a different error that results in the same crash.

    Code (Text):
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.next(Unknown Source)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.EntityTrackerEntry.track(EntityTrackerEntry.java:85)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.EntityTracker.updatePlayers(EntityTracker.java:138)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.MinecraftServer.r(MinecraftServer.java:580)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.DedicatedServer.r(DedicatedServer.java:224)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.MinecraftServer.q(MinecraftServer.java:485)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:420)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_R1.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:849)
    2013-02-16 22:04:27 [SEVERE] This crash report has been saved to: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\MAIN SERVER\.\crash-reports\crash-2013-02-16_22.04.27-server.txt
  3. SuperSpyTX


    Looks like a bad plugin. mbaxter has a plugin that can analyze these issues.
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