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Crash Weird Crash, started happening recently

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Courtney, Feb 6, 2015.

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  2. What operating system? if linux:
    Could you run "df -h" for me and paste the output?
  3. We have more than enough free space, what does it have to do with the crash?
  4. To my eyes it looked like a write error.
  5. I agree at the beginning it does look like a write error, But then the server starts stating "Already Decorating" So it may be a plugin error.. If its a public plugin, check to see if its up to date, but if private then update your code c:
  6. Perhaps it could be the permissions of your directory?
  7. It never happened before, the server has been running for over 6 months.

    How I can diagnose what plugin caused it?
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  8. Thinkofdeath

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    The 'Already decorating' error is an old minecraft bug that was believed to be fixed in 1.8, recently I found out that mojang was suppressing exceptions which was basically hiding the original issue.

    The issue that caused your server to crash seems to be a bug with the alternative hopper ticking feature in spigot, try disabling it and then report the issue on the bug tracker
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  9. Oh thank you.