Weird error?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Bear53, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. So i stopped my server and started it again and got this error from EWG
    Code (Text):
    [19:41:01 INFO]: Experience Merge Radius: 6.0
    [19:41:01 INFO]: Loading custom biome: Spruce Taiga
    [19:41:01 INFO]: Loading custom biome: Savanna
    [19:41:01 INFO]: Loading custom biome: Ice Spikes
    [19:41:01 INFO]: Loading custom biome: Swampland
    [19:41:01 INFO]: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ EWG error diagnostic ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [19:41:01 INFO]: We have detected critical issues with the current configuration.
    [19:41:01 INFO]: After running an analysis we detected that these changes will corrupt your world.
    [19:41:01 INFO]:
    [19:41:01 INFO]: World affected: world
    [19:41:01 INFO]:
    [19:41:01 INFO]: We detected the following issue(s);
    [19:41:01 INFO]:
    [19:41:01 INFO]: Configuration issue(s);
    [19:41:01 INFO]:   File: /home/polarhcf/practice/./world/settings/world-settings.json
    [19:41:01 INFO]:   'useOpenSimplexNoise':
    [19:41:01 INFO]:    > Detected value: true
    [19:41:01 INFO]:    > Should be: false
    [19:41:01 INFO]:   'pluginVersion':
    [19:41:01 INFO]:    > Detected value: 70.0
    [19:41:01 INFO]:    > Should be: 7.2.26
    I think ok ill change that and just start the server again but my console screen wont accept any commands. I am using putty with screens and used ctrl + c to stop the server but the console still wont accept ./ input or any input at all
  2. EWG is a clusterflop. Just stop the server completely and change the settings to the intended?
  3. I did stop the server but the console for it is not accepting any input
  4. What console? The remote access for your server machine? That is definitely not an EWG-related issue, doubtful it has anything to do with spigot.
  5. Yeah that's why I'm here, the ewg error was just the last thing that poped up before it stopped accepting commands