Weird Issue

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BGHDDevelopment, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    I am currently having an issue where players are playing normally then they get kicked for "The server you were previously on went down. You were connected to a fallback server" The issue is the server did not go down and other players are still online. It happens completely randomly. There are no errors in console. When they have kicked the console records it as them disconnecting not being kicked. What can this be from?
  2. Adding on this issue is not related to plugins as we run no public plugins on the server. So it has to be spigot related
  3. So the possibility of your own plugins having a bug was just magically swooped off of the table like that?
  4. The reason why is I have not changed the plugin jar in the past week. Have not updated that jar and the issue started yesterday. Unless my plugin broke overnight with no changes to the source after working fine it would be caused by spigot not my plugin. Thats why this is so confusing.
  5. Has your Spigot Jar changed in the last past week? Also what version are you using?
  6. No, never switched that either. Thats why I am so confused I cant find 1 reason for people being kicked.
  7. See my edit. What Spigot version are you using? 1.13 by chance?
  8. 1.8.8 sigh...
    I tried to update to spigot 1.13 all I got was no players and a angry community.
    Should I try switching spigot jar to a diffrent 1.8.8 version?
  9. The only thing you should be trying with your Spigot jar is to update it. Even if this was a Spigot bug, you're not gonna get any support if you use something which has been unsupported for over 3 years.