Weird Lag Spikes/TPS drops

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  1. Hiya.

    So my TPS isn't really that bad, but I'm getting drops (ranges anywhere from 18.5 to 19.5 and rarely dropping into the 17's) even when the server load or full server tick isn't at or near 100%.

    Here's a timings report:
    And here's one I kinda found more interesting:

    I know that 2nd one is very short, only half a minute or so, but you can see that literally nothing in any of the plugins had anything that even went into the red in either total pct or pct per tick, yet the TPS was in the low 18's.

    Here's my spigot.yml:
    And here's bukkit.yml:

    I know I have some settings higher than other servers may (higher max spawns and stuff), but the settings used to be even higher and our TPS was constantly >=19.95 or so. It looks like entities are taking up a fair bit of the server processing even though I have the activation range and stuff pretty low. Maybe I'm just dumb tho.
  2. Did you change your Java flags?
  3. All I've done since this started was install mcMMO, up our RAM to 8 gigs because we closed a secondary server and had the extra money, then downgraded because we realized we didn't need the extra RAM. We uninstalled mcMMO for the day yesterday to see if it helped and this was continuing. Could the upgrade/downgrade have destabilized anything?
  4. GeorgeHousley123


    Update or remove mcMMO and ChestShop
  5. We've had the same ChestShop for months without lag and we didn't have mcMMO all of yesterday and the lag was persistent without mcMMO.
  6. I want to clarify the ONLY difference in the server's setup over the past few months is adding mcMMO (ChestShop or anything like that isn't the source of the lag), and removing mcMMO yesterday didn't help. And still wondering my last question for anyone who knows hardware, could upgrading the RAM to the 8 gigs then redowngrading to 6 gigs have affected anything? Sounds stupid, but can it like "destabilize" or do something with our node? I don't know much about the hardware side of it. But 6 gigs is what we've always and it's not running as smoothly anymore.
  7. Also I'm using the newest ChestShop and mcMMO.
  8. Maybe they moved your VPS to a other host which is overused?
  9. You could go for a dedicated server if that is the problem :p
    but they are way more expensive.
  10. Backup your server all file to hard-disk, then delete everything and run server again with fresh install of server and all plugins, then you can copy and paste all your config files to the new folders. that works to fix stuff most of the time when changing hardware.