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  1. Created a server, but it runs like sh*t. Mobs move slow, then stop then move, lags/delays/freezes and I constantly get a message on the console that I move too quickly. Help?
  2. post your server timings and plugins list, would also help to know your server specs
  3. Spam /tps and post you results here. Where are you hosting?
  4. You can get help for sure..but you must give us a little bit more

    What version do you use on your server?
    What is performance of your server?
    What is your average TPS?
    What plugins do you use?
    Did you optimize spigot.yml?
    Any Errors in Console or Logs?
    How much do you pay for server monthly?

    If its homemade server you can't expect any better from can use it for plugin test but not for regular playing
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  5. If you are using a paid hosting service, this should ring a bell to get far away from such companies. But if you are hosting at home on bad specs, this is expected.
  6. Hosting at home. Bad specs? Any remedy to that?
  7. again post some information and we can tell you, what are the hardware specifications for the server like the cpu thats in it and the ram, additionally what plugins are you using, you have to give us some info or we cant really say a great deal
  8. You need to allocate more ram. Usually it spams messages dealing with players moving quickly when its choking on ram.
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  9. No remedies for that. Except: Close google chrome and other programs. Especially chrome.
    The second best remedy is to get a cheap hosted server.
  10. You didn't give us informations what version is your server, did you install it with buildtool, what plugins do you use?
    Yeah its hard to host server by your own, you can use it for testing, but not for playing..because if its for playing you need pc with high performance, nice internet connection, and never host server and playing minecraft on same pc, because you will probably experience things like basically you can't do alot to fix it..but i can give you some advice

    1. Invest little bit of money buy server from hosting as soon as possible, believe me don't host it by yourself its a waste of time..
    if you already don't have money to pay high quality server, i recommend you buy cheap server from shity hosting like this one you can get 16 GB of ram for only 6$ without additional things, but you can also get OVH server for 6$ monthly, i used that host for 1 year for testing server, they have poor support but server are working (

    2. Use useful plugins to get rid of unnecessary lag,tps drop..plugins like FarmLimiter,CleaLagg(or some other plugin that clean items from ground, and limit mob spawning) , plugin to block piston/sticky pistons moving certain block like sea lantern and glowstone can cause major tps drop if you create 500 sticky piston pushing sea lantern connected with redstone clock, there is plugin ImmovableBlocks that can block that..don't use shitty plugins and don't use alot anticheat plugins there are many anti-hack plugins that cause major lag, i recommend FairPlayMinecraft it eliminates all cheaters in start, they can't use cheat in anyway , so if there is no cheats then there is no lag from cheaters and you need it, now cheat clients are so nice made that players can even crash servers with my recommendetion is using some quality anticheat.

    3. Optimize your spigot.yml (this will help you for sure, even you are using homemade but its not resolve, you should still consider buying a real server from hosting, i recommend quality hosting, but if you don't have money you can use some cheap one, like i mention for 6$)
    Replace your currently spigot.yml with this spigot.yml

  11. What's up with their panel? This looks really outdated. It kind of reminds me of Fluctis, just without a skin o_O And the price - wow expencive 45€ for only 30GB space and 16GB ram. Me and my partner at germanode usually offer customers a custom package with 16GB ram and unlimited space for 34€, just for the comparison o_O

    You can get a cheaper plan from many other hosts that are just as good. There are quite a few out there. If you can't find one that would suit you, maybe a VPS would do?
    But those could be just as expencive and you have to set them up yourself.
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  12. DiscoverSquishy


    Seems good. Ill check it out ;)
  13. Dude that not 45€ that 45 croatian kuna its 6€ ...16 GB of ram for 6€ per month.their panel is good not the best i saw but still pretty useable..there is console,mysql,unlimited space on ssd fair usage is 30GB,Bandwidth, also there is ovh servers for same price..and many other feature i run on server like that 150 plugins without lag or tps drop..the worst part is support you need to wait 1-5 days for their message, but like i said for testing server 16 GB of ram for 6€ is amazing, 16 GB of ram + additional cpu core+ default port 25565 (27€ monthly - 324€ per year)...ill check out your hosting for sure i already saw some things and i ask about price..

    One gigabyte goes for 2.49€, therefore 16GB would normally cost 39.84€ per month (478€ per year).
    But since you usually give wholesale discounts, my price would be 34€ per month (408€ per year that is still 84€ more then hosting i mention) for a 16GB server with MySQL included. my question is do i also get 1 additional cpu and default port 25565 included in that price because i currently paying already 1 year.. 27€/monthly for 16 gb ram+additional cpu core+ default port 25565..if you can offer me for 34€ that feature i will buy it right looking for good host to use for next 5 thats 2000€ you can get from me in next 5 me if you are interested
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  14. Interesting. I thought it was 45€.

    I will contact you. It is of course possible to offer you that. No problem.
  15. Okay maybe i even take 2-3 server if i'm satisfied so that would be 6000€
    You will message me..okay thanks :)
    i see that it displays you 45 € when you put on english translation it translate to 45 € instead of 45 croatian kuna (6 €) but its for sure 6€ monthly

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  16. Oh currency thing :D Even tho I understand most of it, I still chose English