Solved Weird little faces [FIXED]

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me remove these little faces i have on each and everyone's name on my server, i don't know what is causing it but if someone could help me, i would be very thankful.
  2. It would be nice if you could provide a better screenshot, or atleast bigger.
  3. Oh nvm, i used Ctrl and + to zoom in, are u using & to color the names or § ?

    Like &b or §b ?
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  4. I once had that issue with my server MotD
  5. Try to type step-by-step.
    Like "hello" then "&1hello" then "&b&1hello".
    This way, you will see what's causing this according to DrMoose
  6. I'm using, for example &b &a &d &l
  7. As i said, i had this issue when i was using § in my server motd instead of those codes for each color ( You cant use & in for the MotD ), but as this is a chat problem, and youre already using &, that was all i could help with.
  8. I think that the correct codes are these : (go down to MOTD) for example :
    §0 Black \u00A70

    I think the "\u00A70" thing is the correct way to do it
  9. Yes, i recommend using "\u00A7" or "\xa7" to replace the "§" sign, since it does wierd shit.
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  10. Thankyou to everyone that helped me, unfortunately it was the DeluxeChat plugin that i have. Again, thanks for helping!