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  1. Ok. So, one day on my server, I came on, and it crashed. I went to my server dashboard and started the server again. When I looked at the RAM usage I saw it was almost filled up. I checked the RAM history and figured out that the RAM skyrocketed at 11:43pm. At that time I didn't do anything to the server and nobody was on. Does anyone have any idea why this happened? I've done every step on Celebrimbor's Guide to server Optimization.

    My server info:
    Hosted on Pebblehost
    RAM: 3 GB
    MC Version: 1.15.2
  2. Do you have a backup copy from before this occurence?
    It rather sounds like some visitor has used an exploit?
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    using your hosts panel for monitoring memory usage is generally useless, java using the memory it's been told it can use is also 100% perfectly normal; unless you're actually having issues, you're worrying about nothing, java uses what it's been told it can use, and you'd rather it use it as opposed to stalling when it refuses to use it
  4. Sadly, I don't have a backup. Also, I doubt it was an exploit because my server is whitelisted. Only staff can come on.
  5. Is there a crash report?

    Famous last words about staff not messing up the server.
  6. can you send us the timings of your server? do /timings on (or just timings on ,if you do it on console) and then after about 10/15 minutes /timings paste (or timings paste on console) and send the link that it gives you. Once you executed /timings pase (or timings paste) do again /timings off (or timings off)
  7. with timings we can see when and why the server ticks are slower
  8. As you have explained the situation so far... it would appear that the cause is a mal-functioning plugin.
    As others have said, please provide the log for the time of the crash.

    Can you restart the server normally?
  9. Ok so, you were right, I updated Luckperms and RAM usage dropped a ton. Thanks
  10. I would say move to a dedi.
  11. Get more ram because newer versions use alot of it. Also a VPS/Dedicated is nice to have because you don't have other servers using your resources!
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