Weird /warp plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by xiurobert, May 22, 2015.

  1. So I have been having this problem, usually Essentials should take over the command warp and list warps, but when I do /warp, all I see is

    Usage: /warp <name>

    and when I do /warps, it gives

    &6Warps: [green names].

    What plugin is this?
  2. Remove plugins that override the warp command
    do /setwarp <name>
    (It will set warp in the block where your standing and where your looking
    And if you want to enable it on sign then do it like this:
    remove the #
    in default it will have #- remove #
  3. My point is that i don't know the plugin...
  4. Could you pls provide a plugin list?
  5. Ok

    [16:05:04 INFO]: Plugins (73): HiveJumpPads, PlugMan, Announcer, Lockette, Infin
    iteDispensersAndDroppers, LobbyBow, SuggestionBox, Tablist, TimeLock, bPermissio
    ns, CoreProtect, MinecraftMarket, HubBasics, PerWorldSpawns, WorldEdit, Skript,
    Essentials, ClearLag, ChatControl, CrackShot, SwornGuns, Chairs, Votifier, Proto
    colLib, LibsDisguises, NoCheatPlus, KitAdder, CharsAPI, ObsidianBreaker, Essenti
    alsChat, LagMeter, Lottery, CustomJoinItems, GAListener, Vault, Fart, MassiveCor
    e, WizardPortals, PlayerSkinChanger, PlotSquared, Marriage, WorldGuard, Essentia
    lsXMPP, ChestCommands, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsAntiBuild,
    PlayerVaults, BetterShop, EssentialsSpawn, CrackShotShop, EZRanksLite, SilkSpawn
    ers, Multiverse-Core, WhatIsIt, Citizens, Shopkeepers, MagicSigns, MineResetLite
    , ChestShop, AuthMe, HolographicDisplays, Factions, SeparateWorldInventories, Co
    mmandNPC, uSkyBlock, ScoreboardStats, MinigamesLib, MGSplegg, MGArcade, MGSkyWar
    s, MGSeaBattle, BanManager
  6. HubBasics's page says it has a warp system, and I saw in it's github that you can probably disable it in the config :eek:
  7. Saw that too, think there's the problem... Essentials is the only plugin which manages your server warps. There's no other plugin which has the same command in the plugin list...