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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    It has become increasingly difficult to manage the old Spigot thread over at Spout and coupled with the huge community of server owners seeking the best for their server, we have decided it is time to move away from them.

    This is not bad news at all, because now we have a whole forum dedicated to server owners who wish to get the latest dirt on Spigot and share what makes their server tick. it is thanks to you guys that Spigot has grown into what it is today, and I would like to thank everyone who uses Spigot, whatever the reason may be. I hope you all recommend it to your friends and fellow server owners.

    In the lifetime of Spigot, many users have made significant contributions to the project, and as such they can now have shiny ranks as well as your appreciation!

    andrewkm - Benefactor of Spigot. It is because of him that Spigot was created. Almost everything you see here today, these forums, the Jenkins are because of Andrew's contributions. He owns EcoCityCraft, and I suggest you check them out!

    ammar2 - Whilst not many contributions have been made yet, you can be sure something big is coming from him soon. Hint hint.

    mbaxter - Thanks to his superb handling of the Spigot thread I have decided to appoint him moderator. Whilst I hope his job will be easy, this is my way of giving thanks to him and making sure you listen to what he says.

    And finally Staminus Communications, who have kindly volunteered to host these forums.
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  2. ammar2

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  3. andrewkm

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    :) Welcome to Spigot community :D
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  4. This whole place smells of bananas.
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  5. :D Awesome!
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  6. Puremin0rez


    Thanks for this, Spigot was in much need of an entire support forum.
  7. Woot :)
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  8. Puremin0rez


    Can someone tell me how to disable email notifications for XenForo alerts? I want them, but I do not want an email for them.
  9. md_5

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  10. Sway

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    Woo! Banana's
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  11. This definitely beats searching through a single thread for specific responses :)
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  12. Congratulations, i think this forum should improve the Spigot project :)
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  13. PhanaticD


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  14. Tenho três servidores a rodar spigot espero poder contribuir para o aperfeiçoamento deste projecto.

    I have three servers to run spigot I hope to contribute to the improvement of this project.
  15. I love this new forum page. md_5 why not add a donation button ;)?
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  16. Awesome! Good luck with the forums! :)
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  17. Congrats on getting your own forums md_5, I'll be lurking around now :p
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