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  1. Hello,

    I'm a pretty experienced programmer, I started with Skript language and have used it for 5 years until I jumped into Unity C#, so I know most of the programming and design concepts.

    I'm now looking for a good tutorials that will quickly get me started with plugin development instead of explaining those deadly obvious concepts I'm already tired of on IT lessons, could you guys give me some sources?
    And probably a lot of tutorials do so, so instead it can be some tutorial that teaches stuff but it doesn't teach me wrong, inefficient, insecure ways to do things.

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. As far as plugin development goes, you could start here:
    Or even here:

    Overall, I recommend avoiding YouTube tutorials for plugin development because they typically share what most consider to be bad coding practices. I also recommend getting familiar with Java basics before diving right into plugin development, but considering your existing experience, it shouldn't be a problem. Java is a lot like C#.
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  3. I would suggest these tutorials:

    And if you are looking on how to make a minigame:
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  4. Strahan


    Ugh for the love of God don't include years of Skript when talking justification on why you are an experienced programmer who understands design concepts. Not saying you aren't, just that Skript is not something to teach that. That's like saying because you can use the Windows "repair network problem" feature that you are now capable network engineer lol
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  5. Thanks for all the answers, definitely gonna check these out!
  6. Most youtube tutorials present bad practices so I recommend using a lot of other things, but there is one Youtuber that kind of helped me learn a bit more about Java and some things regarding the API.

    The rest of his series is on his channel.

    Good luck with development!

    Oh, and this will help :)

    Spigot Development