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is learning java hard?

  1. Its Easy

  2. Its Hard

  3. Its both in a way

  4. I don't know

  1. Hello!
    Now i know there is already posts that people!

    i want to start coding in Java even if its just basic... i have looked over all Youtube channels that do java coding but they all start too advanced for my brain.. due to me never coding in java or any other type of coding language...

    but if anyone can help me out on helping my noobish brain with learning Java it is very appreciated...
    i do have the software to start but i just don't know how.... because of the custom made plugins i have had created for me when i go and open the source code files in Eclipse ... when it fully open i have no idea what does what.

    Also if you are able to give me lessons then it would help out alot! free or paid im not too fussed depending on the price of the lesson!
    My budget per lesson would have to be:
    $5 - $15 due to me being a beginner and not knowing anything!
    but after so long i will increase the price when i know more of java esc....

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2016 Community Edition
    Java Eclipse
    Java IDE kit
    If these programs are wrong please let me know by either when i add you on skype or leave a comment on this thread.

    if you can do this for free then it would be amazing just let me know in the Pm's
    also leave some basic stuff in the comments of this thread letting me know what to do and how to start!
    if you know anyone that is really helpful at doing this or does good tutorials which i have probably seen or not. let me know down below!

    My skype: itslemoterbike
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    this person wants to add you on skype or whatever the default message is! and change it to the following
    Hi! i saw your post on spigot and i am willing to help you out! |
    the reason why i am asking you to do this is because i don't add people on skype randomly but if you put a message which i have put on a forum or something asking for help then i will add you.

    Just PM me. or leave a comment on this thread.

  2. Hey,

    well, in my opinion there isn't a wrong or right way to start writing programs. Everything you do becomes your experience anyway, no matter if you start with reading a book about programming or with watching tutorials on youtube. Of course, it's better to know the basics before you dive into the world of programming. But always remember this: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I'm sure a lot of people in this forum has learned the basics just by watching videos about programming spigot plugins, and by copying it from the video. So I recommend you to either watch first some YouTube videos about the Java basics (Look after videos that use the same IDE as you do), or to search after something you'd like to program and to just try to understand it and to write the program after the video's example (start with something smaller, after you've finished a project you are always more motivated than before, and I wouldn't recommend you to start with a project that takes months to complete as your first one, otherwise your motivation is going to be lost).
    The choice which IDE you wanna use depends on you - for me IntellIJ is the best one, but I started with Eclipse because most YouTubers used that IDE in their videos.
    Just try it out! But I'm warning you: You need a lot of and I really mean A LOT of patience, especially in the first few weeks. But thank God, there are websites like Stackoverflow that help you a lot, so if you're stucked in a problem, just search the solution or ask after the solution in forums like this.
  3. Before you start spending all your money on private lessons, take a look at the official oracle getting started documentation. It seems like the tutorial uses Netbeans, but you can use Eclipse if you want to. You can also pick up a book and see if that works for you.
    Using CodeCademy is also an option, but I find there Java tutorial poorly designed, but perhaps it works for you.

    Perhaps these ways don't work for you, but you could give it a try before spending money on private lessons.
  4. You should start by learning how to spell where!
  5. Spelling is an important part of Java(Anything, really), and though there is auto-correct, spelling incorrectly is bad practice.

    And it's where, not were.
  6. If you know how to spell in java let me know please! and help me out!
  7. java is English, but if you type ItimStak instead of ItemStack you got a problem
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  8. ahh ok.
  9. Just a tip: Your computer doesnt think, it just executes as it was told to(By the code). It doesn't know what you are trying to do. This means you have to follow the rules of Java in order to do stuff, you can't assume typing in "Say Hi" will make the computer say "hi".

    And I am not saying you have any fault, just tips. Being completely honest, I was like this when I first started also.
  10. I would recommend learning the basics of a language like Java rather than trying to code a plugin right away. First print "Hello, World" then do some basic math with variables. This will give you a start in understanding how programming languages work rather than just copying and pasting code you don't understand. Once you grasp the basic concepts of computer programming or Java in this case then try to move on to creating a simple plugin for Minecraft.
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  11. Gonna add to this. When I first started Java I went strait to plugins and I am telling you right now

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  12. so what would you recommend for me to do first
  13. i am gonna say one thing thou. i understand things better with a video or someone telling me. im not the best with text

  14. That is bad practice, you'll start copying things and you won't actually understand it.

    Try reading a book
  15. Learn to create a basic program in Java. Not a plugin for Java just a simple text output. Then you can do math, learn variables, create methods and functions. There is a lot to learn in Java before you should start on creating a plugin and at this point for someone new it's best to just learn the basics and do simple programs such as printing text and getting input from a user into a variable. Try using https://repl.it/languages/java to just get used to how to use a programming language. Search the internet for answers if you don't know how to do something then practice it and test it, modify it, make it your own. This is how you should try and start out learning Java. Then go and attempt to make a simple plugin.
  16. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Oracles java tutorial is pretty nice, however it's more designed for people who already have experience with some of the constraints of programming, but might be a nice place to start.

    You should be focusing on learning to program, not learning a language, how did you communicate to your guardian when you was a toddler and couldn't speak? You took action, and over time you learned to speak a language. The problem most guides have with teaching java, is that they shove the language down your throat before you understand the basics of what anything is doing.

    there are many ways to learn, I honestly suggest diving straight in and reading the guides, however it boils down to your own ability, you might find that reading up on a language such as python allows you to explore the areas that you're struggling with from the start, as python guides tend to be more aimed towards those who have no experience with CS at all
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  17. BananaPuncher714


    I would start with python, and if you use a linux shell, you should also learn bash because it's also quite easy and useful. I wouldn't go to C or C++. If you really want to skip that and get straight into making plugins, you will have to know some stuff.
    Here's a good place to start:
    If you want to do something like making a big explosion when people die, you can use this. It tells you all about what you can do with spigot
    It's super useful because you can look through there and look at the player death event then spawn an explosion.
    Eclipse already auto completes a lot of options for you, and Google is always your best friend.
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  18. Just use google, find some good tutorials like the Oracle one's and practice, practice, practice. If you're really serious about learning Java you need to simply practice a ton and master whatever you're up to in the tutorial(s) and then move on, and within a couple of months you'll know a ton