WG Ench tables

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  1. I am using worldguard and factions for world protection plugins. I allowed use, interact, and chest-access, and denied build
    But they can't open enderchests, enchanting tables, crafting tables, or anvils. Help me?
  2. still no reply??!!!
  3. I feel ignored ;-;
  4. Do you have any other plugins that could prevent those items from being used? What is the message displayed in chat when a player tries to use one? Is your spawn claimed in a faction?
  5. Look at the 2nd image
    yes it is
  6. Well since your spawn is claimed in a faction, it's possible that outsiders don't have access to those chests. Unless you set it up differently, of course.
  7. Set your spawn-protection in server.properties = 0 , nobody can interact if its spawn-protected.
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  8. Thanks!
    My spawn protection was actually on 16!