WG preventing CB

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by bigE-Dacker, May 18, 2015.

  1. So today I was messing around with my plugins and I realized that world guard was stopping players from using command blocks. My server is 1.8 and so is world guard. Any ideas of why it is doing this. the message looks like this in game. " &cHey! &7Sorry, but you can't use that here." In the console nothing is printed. If you have some information it would help.
  2. Probably the "use" flag.
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  3. ill check and make sure I don't have that.
  4. no not that but here are my flags

    min: {x: -82.0, y: 80.0, z: -127.0}
    flags: {send-chat: allow, receive-chat: allow, pvp: deny, tnt: deny, leaf-decay: deny,
    invincible: allow}
    max: {x: 14.0, y: 158.0, z: -14.0}
    priority: 0
    type: cuboid
    owners: {}
    members: {}
  5. nvm those last two post that was it