What’s that plugin?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by JackTheBoy8, Feb 16, 2020.

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  1. What’s that plugin where when you X-Ray, all you see is random blocks. Such as tnt, wood, emerald, redstone, etc. but when you break it, it’s just the block you see without xray
  2. It's Orebfuscator, but I recommend using Paper's built in anti-xray because it's better on performance.
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    Like Daphsquid said, it’s either Orebfuscator (link to its utdated Spigot page) or PaperMC (or another plugin that does the same thing).
    There are several anti-xray plugins available. There’s PaperMC’s anti-xray engine 2 (not a plugin, though), Orebfuscator, and Anti-Xray. There is also Anti X-Ray (not to be confused with Anti-Xray) and PaperMC’s anti-xray engine 1.

    Paper’s anti-xray engine 2, Orebfuscator, and Anti-Xray all prevent the use of x-rays by sending false information to players’ clients, such as by disguising ores as other blocks or making every underground block be an ore until it’s interacted with.

    Anti X-Ray, on the other hand, doesn’t prevent x-ray in the same way. Instead, it logs how many ores each player mines and stops them from mining more ores if they’re mining far more ores in a certain time frame than the average person. It’s highly configurable and works well to stop x-rayers from getting much of an advantage. Paper’s anti-xray engine 1 replaces certain ores with other blocks, but it doesn’t work at all for me, and it’s easy to bypass.

    If you’re running a small server (not that many players or plugins), I recommend using Paper’s anti-xray set to engine mode 2. This is, by far, the most effective and optimized anti-xray.

    If you’re running a large server (a large number of players and/or a large number of plugins), I recommend at least trying the above method. If that causes TPS lag or client frame rate dips, switch to Paper’s anti-xray set to engine mode 1 and Anti X-Ray. As I mentioned previously, Paper’s anti-xray feature doesn’t work for me when it’s set to engine mode 1, but in case it works for you or is ever patched, I’d recommend enabling it anyway if you’re running a large server. This combination will hide the most valuable ores and prevent players from mining valuable ores too fast, but it won’t replace every ore, chest, etc., with other blocks for each player, which can cause significant lag.

    In addition to this, be sure to follow this fantastic guide by Celebrimbor to optimize your server. Optimize your bukkit.yml, spigot.yml, paper.yml, and server.properties—and also, use per-world settings so you can disable or change certain features in certain worlds. For instance, you probably don’t want to have x-ray enabled in the hub world (if you have one) and in End worlds. :coffee:
  4. I'm on Spigot tho, Not Paper Spigot
  5. I just love how everyone is like "get paper spigot" while being on spigot forums
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