What’s the best way to inform a player about what your server is about?

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  1. Holographic displays, a book, signs, NPCs that say things in chat when you right-click them, or just a chat message on join? Clickable chat buttons? Etc.

    In what form should the server be described to the player? I.e., how should they get the information about what the server is all about?

    I tried explaining everything in holographic displays, but it was a bit messy. A book would work fine but is a bit unoriginal and bland. Signs would be even worse as they can barely fit any text. NPCs would be nice, I suppose, but the player would have to right-click several NPCs. I tried a chat message on join, but there was too much text to display at once without the player having to scroll up. Clickable chat buttons could work, but I’d like something similar. I could use that, though.

    (My server is running 1.15.2.)
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  2. Chat messages are simple and readable. Poorly managed holographic displays can conflict and become unreadable, and signs simply don't have the aesthetic of the normal chat (well, that's my opinion at least).
    I'd say go for chat messages. You have to do it well though. It's a turnoff to login and the first thing is a wall of text you need to scroll through. Consider how much information you're throwing in and whether it may overwhelm the player. At the least, a simple wait period before the next message gives the reader some time to take in what they're reading. It's important to communicate the idea behind your server, but the player will only get confused if everything's given to them at once or even lose interest in reading it at all.
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  3. Thanks!

    I’m thinking of maybe having pages that you can navigate in the chat by clicking on buttons. Or, perhaps, the ability to see more information about a specific part by hovering over text.
  4. Have an informative spawn where you have everything demonstrated. (Think of cobble gens in spawn on Skyblock servers). In a perfect case scenario, if you simply want to let a player know what a server is about, just have a themed spawn.

    Short and concise messages in chat.

    Holograms if absolutely necessary in spawn. Too many will make a mess.

    But please, avoid lengthy mandatory question based tutorials where the player has no other options but to finish them. Most of the times they'll quit before finishing. It's like the great filter. (Which might be good. It depends on your player goal - quantity or quality?)
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  5. When I had a very unique server, it was mandatory I had some sort of place to tell them how to play, or they'd quit. For what I had, I found the best to have a combination of holograms for simple statements, while using NPCs/storylines to put the game's mechanics into context. Holograms could get messy, however I never had too many. A good alternative is having signs to right click to narrate in chat, or display a temporary hologram as well (not sure if a plugin like that exists still?)

    Best to me is having a combination of some sort of text (Chat, Signs, Holograms) and NPCs. Only reason I did not mention books is because they didn't really get caught on for my players. Though, I had a custom GUI wiki within the game, which also made books more obsolete as well. That might be too extreme for something on a smaller scale.

    Hope this helped. :)
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  6. You could setup a tutorial for players that gives a walkthrough of the server. You know one of those teleporting kind of tutorials and it'll broadcast the features and what commands are available and how to use them. You could also make a nice informative menu. Finally, you can also just make a list or labels like /help 1 or /help 2 (/help commands) Something along those lines in case people are struggling to understand the server. Tutorials don't have to be in depth, but the more information provided, the easier it is for the player to adapt to the server's features and commands.
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